Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fishing for Fur

You are sitting at your tying bench when suddenly you realize that you need some squirrel hair to complete the fly you are tying. You might want to head down to your local park for some "squirrel fishing". All you need is a string and a peanut and you are in business. How you manage to get the squirrels you catch to give up some fur is your problem.

Editor's note: The scary thing is that the site I found this mentioned on is:
I am glad to see that those liberal arts educations are being put to good use.


life out of a pepsi can said...

Thats cool Time to get me some squirrells

Murdock said...

You give a man a squirrel and he will eat for a day but you give a man some string and a bag of peanuts and he eats forever (or gets arrested by the park police)