Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Undercover Flyshop Visit: Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company Edition

This past weekend, I took as short trip down to the design district of Dallas, Texas to sneak into The Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company Tailwaters, a full line fly shop and travel company, is located a bit off the beaten path in downtown Dallas.  I wasn't sure what to expect based on a location in an industrial area, but was pleasantly surprised by a huge, full featured, and well designed fly shop. 

Located in a nondescript building in the design district of Dallas, Texas.  This is the obligatory logo shot. By the way, the parking lot was full.

The entryway promises lots of gear.  The shop is huge.  Not what you would expect in an industrial area of Dallas.

They have a few flies.  I was very impressed with their destination specific fly assortments. 

Not to mention the fly shop bar....I'll be back

These guys may have been on to me....note my substantial purchase of a bottle of Zap a Gap to throw them off the scent.  The Editorial Trophy Wife was waiting in the truck so I had to be quick and on my best behavior.  I'll be back
Did I mention they also do travel?  Yeah I'll be back. 

 If you find yourself in Dallas be sure to check out The Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company.  Keep and eye out for us, you never know where we might turn up.


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