Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Is the Fryingpan River's famed Toilet Bowl Closed?

Vail Valley Anglers has posted an article warning anglers about deputies enforcing trespass laws near the base of the dam on the famed Fryingpan River.  The long standing law that makes the area 100 feet from the base of the dam off limits is being enforced due to security concerns.

"It seems a series of events have spurned the recent enforcement. Reports of a Recreational Vehicle exploding at the base of the dam during the past summer have raised concerns that the dam is a target for homeland security to protect. Knowledgeable anglers with their thumb on the pulse of social media will undoubtedly recall videos of scuba divers and Stand Up Paddleboarders floating around the toilet bowl without remorse for their effects, pushing the envelope of acceptability. Some of the concern is certainly warranted for without the first hand working knowledge of a hydroelectric dam poking around the depths at its base in scuba gear has to unnerve certain individuals. "

Read the rest of the story via the Vail Valley Anglers page.

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