Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gadgets Anonymous: Sportsman Bumper

From the broken tips file comes a product that I came across at the Denver version of The Fly Fishing Show. The Sportsman Bumper is the brainchild of Bo Pitto who came up with the magnetic gun / rod holder as a way to secure your gear to the side of your vehicle while suiting up for a day on the water.

Made of heavy duty rubber, the bumper has embedded magnets that affix it to metal surfaces without marring your paint job. The clips hold your gear firmly enough that some anglers are buying two and using them to transport up to three rods on a moving vehicle.

The Sportsman Bumper is available from www.SportBumper.com and retails for $18.99 and is currently on sale for $16.99. Think of it as functional insurance. I picked up one for myself at the show. Skiers might want to consider Bo's other product The Ski Bumper.


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