Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gadgets Anonymous: The EZ Tie

The meeting will come to order.  Hi, my name is Lee Murdock and I am a gadget junkie. crowd responds: "Hello Lee Murdock."

If I don't watch myself carefully, my fishing vests will jingle more than a group of hikers walking through thick brush in Katmai National Park.  I carry far too many things in my pack already so I was hesitant when the nice lady offered to demo the EZ Tie for me.    The EZ Tie is a device, like about three others that I own, that is supposed to make tying blood and barrel knots quick and easy.  I suppose I've always felt guilty about my chronic overuse of the surgeons knot, so I agreed to watch the demo.

The difference in this tool and the three others is that this one works (I made the lady let me try it myself).  I ended up buying one and have found it works pretty well once you get the hang of it.   It's a little pricey at  $27.95 plus $5 shipping but it is all made in the USA out of very sturdy material.  I met the inventor who sales these for himself and he's a nice guy.  They way I see it, if it gets me rigged up and on the water quicker, it's worth the price. 

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