Monday, September 29, 2014

Watch for falling trout...or It's raining fish...

Found posted on climbing enthusiast message board comes what may be a sign of apocalypse if we have ever seen one.  A climber on the summit of Colorado's Mt. Shavano reports what can only be describe as fish falling from the heavens.

"At the risk of sounding crazy, let me tell you what happened last Tue. 09/23. I climbed Mt Shavano & was hanging on the summit thinking about going to Tabeguache. It was very windy, with clouds swirling all around. Now I see things in my peripheral vision that look like fish falling out of the sky, this goes on for about a minute, 4 or 5 instances. I chalk it up to lack of oxygen, and decide to head down since I'm obviously hallucinating. When I get home & check out my pics I found this shot, taken from about 14,100 looking back at the summit." forum user richwill

 He even managed to catch a photo:

The award for best comment in response to the post goes to user Tortosel.

Probably related to the legalization of marijuana somehow. Seriously, that is strange. They stock fish by plane but not big and they're supposed to go to a lake not a summit. Volatile weather is another explanation but there shouldn't have been any of that either. Don't mention this in job interviews.

As they say at the auction house, "be your own judge"....  I am sure there's a punchline in here somewhere.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

We may have just found the next Tenkara.

It meets the simplicity test. However, for or obvious reasons this is not recommended for catch and release fisheries.  Found on Reddit

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Gear: Leatherman Super Tool 300 EOD

I recently picked up a Leatherman 300 Super Tool EOD while visiting Portland, Oregon.  Leatherman has an outlet store and I couldn't resist when I found this military version made for those who defuse things exponentially more dangerous than the occasional stream side disagreement. Sure a fly fisherman may not have a need for a C4 spike (maybe use it to tie nail knots?) but why quibble over details.  The full featured multitool weighs in at 9.6 ounces and its comfort grip handle contains 19 different tools.  It retails for $109 but is available at at various lesser prices.