Monday, October 14, 2013

Gear: Spyderco Knife with the Emerson Opening System

No matter if you find yourself in a dark urban alleyway, tangled in your personal pontoon boat's anchor line, or hanging from your parachute behind enemy lines, (I have done two of these three things) you might find it handy to have quick access to good steel.

During a recent visit to the Spyderco factory outside of Golden, Colorado, I noticed that, in addition to their signature hawk eyed opening hole, some knives had a hook like protrusion facing forward, above the blade. When I asked what this was for, the clerk advised that it was the Emerson Opening system.  What a wonderful idea, I immediately thought, a bottle opener built right into the blade of your knife.

It turns out that while it could possibly used to open a cold brew, the Emerson Opening System is actually a remarkably simple one hand opening mechanism built into the knife.  Clipped inside your pants pocket with the blade facing toward the rear, the bottle opener hook thing is perfectly aligned with the lip of the pocket so that upon drawing the blade rearward, in one smooth motion you end up holding an open knife. Since the knife opens completely when drawn, it is open and usable much quicker than even the fastest assisted opening knife.

YouTube user rwb1500 has a video that demonstrates how it works.

Your mileage may vary - don't blame us if you inadvertently remove any vital appendages during the use of this fine product.

Spyderco Endura 4 Wave Plain Edge Folding Knife

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Anonymous said...

The Endura is a great knife, especially with the Emerson opener. The reviews don't lie: Spyderco Endura reviews. I highly recommend this knife.