Thursday, December 09, 2010

Original Gangsta

Fly fishing author, Pete McDonald (pictured here holding a very expensive Hardy reel) recently posted about the lengths a city dwelling angler will go to get his fix.
On the slack tide there is no better way to see New York City than by boat. Up the East River past the hospitals and Gracie Mansion and into the Harlem River past the fishing pier and under the draw bridges and up to catch a glance of baseball’s Cathedral in the Bronx. Then running back down and hooking under the Triboro and through Hell’s Gate past the DEP boats and between the Two Brothers to watch the planes land at Laguardia or wave to the prisoners shooting hoops on the Rikers overflow barge.
Read the rest here at Fishing Jones and keep an eye to the shelves for his book coming out soon.

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Pete McD said...

I think they would have tazered me if I tried to leave with that.