Monday, December 06, 2010

But she has a great personality...

We have all heard tales and legends of particularly elusive lunkers that seem to be smarter than the average angler. Now scientist at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden believe that Brown Trout may posess individual personalities.
"My results show that it are not just humans and other mammals that exhibit personality. Also brown trout differ among each other in their level of aggression and react differently to changes in their surroundings", says Bart Adriaenssens. "The release of a novel object in the aquarium causes very different reactions. Some individuals will immediately explore this object, whereas others will rather hide in a corner and try to avoid every contact."
Although it might just be the meek that inherit the creek bed...
"But it are not always the bold and aggressive fish who are most successful. When we marked trout individually and released them back in the wild, it were shy trout who grew most rapidly."

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