Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patagonia launches Fly Fishing E-Catalog

Our friends over at Patagonia sent us this release, which since they are our friends, we decided to publish in it's entirety. In the interest of full disclosure, these guys have bought us an adult beverage or two in the past. Notwithstanding their plying us with alcohol, an e-catalog that won't end up filling up our landfills remains pretty darn cool.

PATAGONIA FISH LAUNCHES PAPERLESS E-CATALOG e-Catalog Saves Almost 200 Trees and Eliminates Almost 8,300 Pounds of Solid Waste

VENTURA, Calif. (March 29, 2010) — Patagonia, the fishing and outdoor apparel manufacturer, launches its first-ever Fish e-Catalog – an online, interactive, 52-page flipbook. With a feel that’s more “magazine” than “catalog,” readers will be able to watch embedded videos, read unique Ambassador commentary, click on technical product information and provides avenues to purchase. The catalog will be distributed via e-mail and social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, blogs and certified Fish dealer websites. The user-controlled e-Catalog replaces the company’s traditional paper-based catalog this Spring, as it is easier to find and is a small step toward permanently eliminating a paper catalog for Patagonia’s Fishing line.

“We’re a catalog company at our core, so a non-traditional e-Catalog is a huge move for us – but a step in the right direction environmentally,” notes Casey Sheahan, Patagonia’s angling CEO. “This is a greener way to be in the catalog business. Our hope is that anglers are psyched to get product information this way so moving forward we can try to avoid sending catalogs to individual mailboxes.”

By eliminating the paper catalog, Patagonia saves about 74,826 gallons of wastewater, 8,279 pounds of solid waste, 176 trees and almost 16,300 pounds of Co2. The company hopes that anglers will take note and embrace the new e-Catalog model, "The success of this experiment depends largely on the fishing community's response. If they like it and it goes viral then the next one will be bigger, better, and even more interactive."

“The fishing market is the right place to launch an e-Catalog. Anglers are online, engaged, and we’re hoping they will help us get the word out on their own Facebook and Twitter pages,” continues Sheahan. “Anglers have turned to the internet to review water conditions, hatches, plan trips, research product news, blog, and more, making them the perfect customer for an online, interactive e-Catalog that feels more like a magazine or multi-media site.”

Readers will also enjoy new features such as “product system recommendations,” where one can learn about which products best suit different types of fishing and environs. Some examples include wet wading for backcountry trout, dry wading for backcountry trout and classic steelhead/salmon fishing. With the new e-catalog, Patagonia now has the luxury of providing its fans and customers more in-depth and individualized product recommendations. Patagonia encourages all bloggers, journalists, websites and anglers to post the e-Catalog link on their pages to get the word out.


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Murdock said...

Normally we frown on sales pitches in the comments but you have a project healing waters banner on your site so we will play along. Look forward to hearing more about the book.