Wednesday, December 02, 2009

And The Latest Fly Fishing Industry Rumor is....

Industry insiders have reported that Outside Media PR Guru, Hilary Hutcheson (who provided coverage of this year's Fly Fishing Retailer show for our readers) is heading to Patagonia next week . We asked her to pick up one of those righteous SST wading Jackets for us, only to find out at the last minute that she is not going to the famous apparel store but rather going to visit geographical area of the world famous for trout fishing and known by the same name.

Since we didn't get our jacket we have told her that she could make it up to us by providing regular updates about her fishing adventures. Be sure to watch for them here next week and also on her blog aptly named "Holler." You can also follow her exploits via twitter @OutsideHilary.

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Rob said...

She's pretty funny on Twitter.