Thursday, December 03, 2009

Deals: Almost Givin' it Away

Get 20% off $100 at Sierra Trading Post, use CODE: ALDECEMBER9, valid through 1.7.10

According to the double naught super secret spy email that we received today the code above will get you $20 off your next $100 purchase from our pals at Sierra Trading Post. In what amounts to either an odd twist of fate or a blatant attempt to get us to stock up on sweet fly fishing gear, this latest offer can be combined with other deals that they have floating around on the net.

"Sierra Trading Post decided our customers need a better deal this month– it is after all the holiday season! Your customers can now get 20% off $100 purchases, AND these can be combined with our other on-site offers! Use Code: ALDECEMBER9. Valid December 3rd – January 6th "

The electric bill can wait this month, deals like this don't come along every day. If baby does need a new pair of shoes, they sell those at STP. Add them to your cart along with a sweet fly rod.

As with all good things - some exclusions apply.

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