Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cow Pie Siestas and Treestand Dapping

If you've ever fished so hard that you'll let your sleepy head fall two inches from a cow pie for a five-minute siesta, then you know how it's been for "Fishing Pal Chad" and me in Patagonia, Argentina. Our plane is delayed in Minneapolis on our route home to Montana, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of some of the highlights from our memorable adventure in South America.

I love this pic of Fishing Pal Chad and Nico, our guide, fishing from more than 12 feet up an old-growth tree. Chad waited a half-hour for the perfect placement. One dap, one flip, one chomp, and one perfect landing. I just love when it all goes down as planned!

The weather turned nasty as we hiked back down to Lago Cholila. Still, we waded into the lake and found some beautiful land-locked Pacific salmon.

Since there are cattle grazing everywhere, even on the most remote river banks, we set foot in many-a-mess. One day Fishing Pal Chad was so whooped from fishing that he plopped down just inches from a plop and took a powernap without knowing how close he came to getting a pie in the face. That's what he gets for out-fishing me!
On our last day, Sunday, we pulled in the biggest fish of the trip...icing on the, um, pie.
Thanks for reading--it's been real! Hilary

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