Friday, December 18, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

You may have noticed the lack of our traditional holiday gift guide this season. Factors such as everybody else doing one and us having access to some amazing content from Patagonia via @OutsideHilary, made the decision to skip it a no-brainer. We will still be heavy on product features and when it all boils down, anything we feature on would make an excellent addition to any angler's stocking foot waders.
However, I could not resist posting this premo holiday gift item when the Editorial Trophy Wife dug up an auction notice for the Diamond Shoals Light Station located 13 miles of the coast of Hatteras in our much beloved North Carolina. I couldn't help but think what a great corporate HQ / offshore casino /fishing lodge/ independent man made island principality, this would be for the FlyfishMagazine crew.
"COMING SPRING 2010. The light station is a steel oil drilling platform, known as a Texas Tower, that has been modified to act as a light station. It is located approximately 13 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras. The platform includes two (2) floors. The subfloor consists of a 5,000 square feet living area. "
Sure we might need a crane or something to hoist @CaptGordon's skiff up top when the weather starts to blow (after all it is the Graveyard of the Atlantic), and we would certainly need to pick up a couple of silkworm missile launchers from China and a few twin .50 cals to keep the Somali Gillnetters off the decks.
Capt. Paul Rose might be convinced that redfish really are the carp of the sea.
Jay Moore might actually get to fish for trout around the pilings. Something that has been lacking for him lately.
Phil Duke could use the isolation to literally write reams of articles about his trip (singular) to the Caney Fork in Tennessee.
The Editorial Trophy Wife and I would simply be happy to own a house in Carolina again.


Rob said...
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SMB tech geeks said...

Well, if you've been really, really good this year it might seal the deal with Santa, although he may struggle to fit the whole Light Station into his sleigh... ;0)

Rob said...

Let me know when ya'all decide to take over that thing....looks like a lot of obstacles to get my backcast hung up on...perfect