Saturday, November 21, 2009

Westfly founder Scott Richmond heads East

I recently had the great pleasure of guiding Scott Richmond for a couple days for carp and trout while in Charlotte visiting family. Scott is owner and founder of Westfly.
Westfly is a non-profit website that serves Western fly anglers. Westfly covers Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and western Montana. It provides current fishing conditions, fly patterns, feature articles, entomology and other fish food information, and hatch charts for many western rivers. Westfly also has a very active bulletin board forum. Westfly, Inc. is a non-profit corporation registered in Oregon. It is an approved 501(c)(3) corporation under the IRS tax code. Its purpose is to advance the quality of Western fly fishing. This mission is accomplished by financially supporting projects and groups that will improve fly fishing in the West, and by informing and educating fly fishers through the website.
Scott did not hook any of the large rainbows on my private trout water as conditions were tough with high, muddy water and leaves choking even the most favorable drifts. I changed tactics to a smaller classic Appalachian stream and found success. No monsters but solid action on dries and droppers. Scott is well published with numerous destination guides for the West coast steelhead fisheries and quite savvy with techniques for success. Check out his site and forum at particularly if planning a trip West.
Scott is also become a carp junkie and plans to visit often as we exchanged flies and ideas about tactics. I have some secret steelhead flies now and trip is in the works. Capt.Paul

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