Thursday, October 01, 2009

Friday Headlines that smell like fish

Here are a few headlines that caught our jaded editorial eye this week:

Here's the reason we will be wearing long britches and snake gaiters the next time we mow our New Jersey lawn - An Alloway Township, NJ couple have discovered a new species of foot long leech - in their front yard. How high does the grass have to get for that? We immediately purchased some size 0 xxxxx long shanked hooks for use in the lake behind the FlyfishMagazine Corporate Compound.

A Charlotte woman has been accused of smuggling two live Asian bonytongue fish into the USA by attempting to hide them in bottles of, you guessed it, fish sauce. In what might be the best excuse ever, she offered that they were a surprise gift from her Mother who hid them in the fish sauce so that she wouldn't find them until she got home. It had absolutely nothing to do with her two brother's owning a pet store and the fish being worth $1,000 each...

From the "Why hasn't someone come up with one of these for fly fishing department?" Activision is releasing We Fish, the first fishing game designed for the Wii game system.
4 player split-screen and multiplayer modes, players can choose from five hilarious characters or play as their favorite Mii. Players travel to eight locations around the world and compete in 24 tournament events. Rapala: We Fish is packaged with the Rapala fishing rod and reel peripheral, letting players cast it, crank it and set the hook.

Folks in three Long Island, NY towns are taking steps to block saltwater fishing license fees that were slated to take effect. Via
Each town argued in State Supreme Court in Riverhead that the state cannot impose a saltwater license requirement - which was to take effect today - because, under the original Colonial patents that created those towns, the authority to regulate marine resources was given exclusively to the town trustees.

Aquacalypse now: Is commercial fishing having the same effect on the oceans as Bernie Madoff on rich people?

**Update** Speaking of Madoff, this can't bode well for Able Reels. Madoff’s Brother, Sons, Niece Sued for $199 Million

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