Friday, September 11, 2009

Handling the Backend

Sure, there's a load of great gear here at FlyFishing Retailer, but there are also booths that offer services and resources that help shops do business efficiently. Check out Pos.IM. That's Point of Sale Inventory Management. Pos.IM offers a point of sale system with a prepared data base that is intuitive for both MAC and PC flyshop computer systems.
It offers:
  • Inventory control
  • Post-purchase customer data management
  • Seamless integration to the web
The company has been in business 20 years, over which time it's had to adjust and improve its services with advancements in technology. Now, managers say, it's even more powerful and easier to use than ever. Systems start at about $5,500 including the database. For more information, check out Hilary


Julie Johnson said...

Heh I use this system. it is great. I love it. Been using it for 5 years.
looking forward to next release.

Bill Beitscher said...

Thanks Julie, what is your store?