Saturday, September 12, 2009

Above: Renown fly designer Zack Thurman shows off the goodies unveiled at Montana Fly Company.

FlyFishing Retailer Day THREE!
Immediate thoughts and observations:
  • Instead of stickers and koozies, booths should pass out sample bottles of Visine. Lots of bloodshot dudes this morning!
  • There's just not enough coffee in the whole wide world.
  • I think Simms must have given away a zillion free hats...either that or suddenly everyone on the show floor is from Bozeman, MT.
  • I wonder if that guy over there remembers hollering, "I got yer sculpin raaaahhhhttt heeerrrre!" (Really loud on the trolly going to the Patagonia party last night.)
More good stuff:
The Redington CPX Waders were actually unveiled last year, but they're among the hottest at the show, thanks to the front zipper that makes it much easier to get in and out of the waders. Fishermen are realizing that the convenience of being able to make a quick pit stop is well worth the $200 retail price.Patagonia is vowing big things ahead for its fishing category...since we all know such a number of its products are lifestyle crossover and not fishing-specific. But in the meantime, this new underlayer jacket called the Nano Puff is bound to be big hit among fishermen. It features 60 grams of Primaloft, and follows a trend in insulation that moves customers away from heavy fleece by achieving warmth and mobility without the bulk. The Nano Puff quickly packs away into a built-in pouch about the size of a pastrami-and-swiss sandwich. It retails at $150.
Chota Outdoor Gear has introduced the new Caney Fork wading boot with removable insole. The Chota guys have been wearing the boot around the show (without cleats of course) to demonstrate how comfortable and versatile they are. The Chota-brand sticky rubber and quicklace system look quality, and I got to test the ease of the screw-in steel cleats. And kudos to Chota--yesterday they made a nice donation to Trout Unlimited after a successful campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of spreading aquatic invasive species via felt-bottomed boots.

Now to track down some Visine...

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