Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Double Taps Hawaiian Style

I tried a different kind of fishing on my Summer vacation.
Not very much casting involved and these are certainly not the four weight rods I fish. Seven hours of driving around in 3000 feet of water and not so much as look. Nature calls and during my visit to the head, what do I hear but the a screaming sound coming from the back of the boat.
Fish on! 40 Minutes of trophy wife provided Gatorade, re-learning how to reel a level winder, and, as our Captain put it, "getting our a$$es handed to us" we saw what was on the end of our line. We had agreed to tag any Marlin caught but that wasn't what took our lure. I'll spare you the grisly details but let's just say that this is a blood sport and the trophy wife (who was filming the event) was quite surprised when the Captain drew a .38 and put two in Mr. Ahi's head.

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Alex Landeen said...

Break Yourself, Tuna!