Thursday, May 21, 2009

Capt. Paul Rose: Top Ten Reasons To Take A Carp Trip This Summer's Editor of Rough Fish, Captain Paul Rose, put together his top ten reasons to take a carp trip this summer.
10. Backyard flat's excursion
9. 100% sight-fishing to moving targets, not hula hoops in the yard
8. Learn to haul and cast on target while experiencing "carp fever"
7. The definition of stealthy is .....
6. Transition from trout snob to trash hunter
5. Cheap way to get 20+ tailing fish shots
4. Catch the largest fish you have in a long long time on the fly
3. See if the backing knot you tied slides through the guides easily
2. Practice for a bonefish trip or redfish trip so you do not blow the shot of a lifetime.
1. Learn to pole a skiff-at no charge
Capt. Paul Rose
Editor's Note: Watch for Paul's posts from the upcoming FFF SE Conclave at Calloway Gardens. If you plan to attend be sure to take part in his seminar about catching the elusive Carolina Bonefish on the fly.

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