Thursday, March 26, 2009

Makers: Ed Engelman's $6 Fly Tying Vise

Ed Engelman of the aptly named is all about fishing and fly tying on the cheap. He provides his own version of an economy buster and proves that you can tie flies without one of those fancy rotary thingamabobs, the $6 fly tying vise.

This fly tying vise can be built and used as a low cost way to introduce tying flies and jigs. It is designed to be built by those who may not be willing to commit the financial resources to purchase more expensive equipment. I have introduced adults and children to tying flies on these vises. The flies can then be fished on a fly rod or can be used with a spinning outfit when a casting bubble is used. When children catch a fish on a fly or jig of their own creation, it is almost as though they are catching their first fish again! And of course, the participants experience the connection between insect, fish and themselves.

Check out Ed's site for more great ideas for home craft fishing gear. Oh and if you simply must have a rotary vise to tie, check out his Fly Tying Vise with Osterizer Blender Base. It must be for the production tyer with really fast hands.

Editor's note: Seriously, this guy's ideas are great! Be sure to check out his site. I found him via one of the blogs in our sidebar but for the life of me I can't figure out which one it was to give props.


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Great article, Here is a man of my own heart! am always looking for new and obscure materials to use with my flies,especially when it comes to pike flies. Although I appreciate the art of fly tying and all the subtle nuances that go with it,I just don't see the point in producing works of art for pike flies.Especially when they only last a few outings.
Thanks for the heads up with the website.

Anonymous said...

Simon we fish a lot of flies tied with superhair and mono threat and epoxy in the eyes. They last forever. The EP flies also last long; they get messed up but you can comb them out.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Where?..or who? stocks this superhair & Mono thread Pete?
Any specific websites I should be looking at mate?

Murdock said...

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Thanks Murdock, I will check to see whether EUMER here in Finland stock it.

Anonymous said...

I bought it at a local Orvis.