Friday, March 13, 2009

Four Friday Rhetorical Questions

Based on the current economy should change our feature "People with jobs that don't suck" to simply "People with Jobs?"
Does twittering my blog posts to my facebook status line make me overly social?
Does moving from the South to the Northeast make me a reverse carpetbagger or just a guy who needs to tie more striper flies?
Does anyone remember when Blackberries were hell on a pair of waders or used in pies, not in airports or meeting rooms?
Feel free to add your own via the comment feature.


Anonymous said...

Just started using twitter as a group thing for work. Not sure about it yet; won't likely be bringing it to the blog though.

How about, "People with jobs that kind of suck but at least it's a job and you can still afford to fish?"

Come just a little further north and I'll get you some striper flies.

Murdock said...

I agree it's a bit much trying to blog, webzine, facebook, and twitter all at the same time.

I either think twitter could have some business uses or I just like the idea of having a group of "followers." I thought you might be involved with @boatingmagazine

At least in the NE I'll be one of those guys with jobs for the moment. Maybe we can hit the DE shad run and the Striper run as well.

Capt Gordon said...

Does asking strange rhetorical questions on a blog make you a lame navel gazer? Is it worse if you do it in the comments?

Murdock said...


As your questions are rhetorical, I shouldn't answer them.