Thursday, March 12, 2009

FlyfishMagazine: "Non-original Content" Thursday

My week has been filled with meeting rooms, hotel food, presentations, and the occasional open bar. The jist? 2009 is a bust - let's hope for better days in 2010. This whole wanting to be "able to buy groceries thing" along with a pending move North of the Mason Dixon line, has put a kink in my time spent surfing the intertube for stuff to amuse the masses. None-the-less, here are a few items that caught our somewhat red midweek eye:

Headline of the week via the DC Examiner : The Vine Guy: Sunshine in a Cloudy Bay Get it? I've got Sunshine on a cloudy bay, When its cold outside...

After you watch the Pisgah Fly Masters on the Davidson River, you might want to catch the next Fips Mouche style fly fishing competition on Lake Lure (site of the filming of our favorite Jennifer Grey "nobody puts baby in a corner" movie), "The Olympiad Fly-Fishing Masters tournament ". Could this be the start of a Carolina fly fishing tournament trail?

Because of our slackness you didn't learn about this auction of "one of the largest offerings of fly-fishing gear seen in Dunedin for several years" until it was too late. It would have been a bit of a hike anyway, being that it was in New Zealand.

The Bristol,TN Tri-Cities Herald's aptly named "Continuous News Desk" provides a "Long History Of Fly Fishing." It is 504 words.

Finally, Google's News Search reports that there are currently 492 articles with headlines that are variations on the ever popular title, "Hooked on Fishing." Even as we type, journalism schools throughout the civilized world are preparing to withdraw degrees.

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