Monday, March 16, 2009

Fly Tying: Jake's Olive Trailing Shuck Emerger

Sunday morning I slept in. Upon finally managing to show my face downstairs, I was met by my 17 year old "editorial offspring" who remarked that he had been waiting to show me something. Fearing the worst I followed him, not to some dented automobile, but rather to the fly tying desk. There he presented me with a fly he had tied as I slumbered unaware. I took one look at his unique use of bent peacock herl for the wings and the ostrich trailing shuck and knew that this would fish. Being a good role model, I immediately reprimanded the wayward youth for only tying one and advised him that in the future no less than a half dozen would be considered acceptable.
Jake's Olive Trailing Shuck Emerger
Hook: 2x Long shank hook sized to match the natural, capped with a tungsten bead.
Body: Olive Dubbing
Wings: Doubled over peacock herl cracked at the bend so as to form the shape of the wing.
Rib: Black Thread
Tail / Shuck: Twin Ostrich herl (when wet gives the illusion of a trailing shuck)
While we know that in modern fly tying nothing is really ever truly more than a variation, this fly's classic lines would appeal to us even if it had not been tied by our number one son. We give it an wholehearted Editorial "That's my boy!" Umpqua, feel free to hit us on our hip.


benrioux311 said...

very nice,
Looks like my box gets a few dozen of this fly tomorrow night...Or at least a few variations.
Good "son raisin" techniques

Murdock said...

I am lucky to have such a great kid that is for sure. The more I look at this fly though the less I like the name I picked for it. Hmmm.