Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fly Fishing Naming Rights Deal Inked

February, 5th 2008

For Immediate Release Acquires Naming Rights to Top Water Bass Fly

In what insiders call one of the boldest marketing moves in the fly fishing industry, today announced the acquisition of naming rights to a white topwater bass bug tied by talented angler and fly tyer, Josh Almond.

Almond, a college student currently on hiatus from his studies at Western Carolina University, inked the deal at a recent event being held in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was while he was applying the finishing touches to the fly with a marker that he realized that it probably didn't matter to the fish what markings were used to decorate it. As is the custom of college students, this realization led to the creation of flies inscribed with phrases such as "Eat Me" or various letters of the Greek alphabet. "We were goofing off at the fly tying vise after a kegger when the idea just sort of hit me" remarked Almond, "I had no idea it would be this big."

Publisher of, Lee Murdock, indicated his excitement at being the owner of the naming rights to the fly. "Bass are very popular fish that are just starting to get attention from fly anglers. The economy is in the tank and Josh is a college student so the timing of this purchase was great for both of us. We see great growth potential for both Josh's flies and our brand"

FlyfishMagazine staffer, Captain Gordon Churchill added, "Josh had a great idea that Lee helped him refine and turn into something that works well for all involved." "Let's face it, a fly with Eat Me written on it is cool but slap a dot com name on the back of that sucker and it becomes sheer genius."

Murdock did not reveal the amount paid for the naming rights but did flatly deny trying to charge Almond for the privilege of using the FlyfishMagazine name. "Josh is an excellent negotiator." "If you don't believe he did well on the deal, just check out the size of that cheeseburger in the picture."

Look for more of Josh Almond's fly tying to appear on the virtual pages in the near future.


The Trout Underground said...

I've got the Flyfishmagazine link in mysidebar (more important than any naming deal) and nobody's sent me a cheeseburger.

Murdock said...

You sir get Slaw just have to show up in Carolina to pick them up...

Murdock said...

Oh and don't forget the extensive tour of Denver's seedy underbelly that I took you on a couple of FFR shows ago.

Fishing Jones said...

I would have held out for a Frosty and an apple pie.

Fat Guy Alex said...

I will send you a cheeseburger, Tom.