Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bristol Bay Online Auction Active

The Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska's annual fund raising auction is currently in full swing. Last year this auction raised over $50,000 for the fight against the Pebble Mine which would put its caustic tailings in the heart of the world's largest Salmon run. This year, according to Scott Hed of the SAA, anglers will have a chance to get a major deal on the "trip of a lifetime":

In a nod to the economic reality of the present time, the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska is offering what may possibly be the best deals you’ll ever find on a bunch of fine fishing trips. Here’s the deal: The starting price for all trips will be just $500 over the regular price for 1 angler. That’s right. Basically, book a trip for 1 angler at regular price, and the 2nd person comes along for as little as $500 more! Find a buddy, split the cost, and start packing for your dream trip.

In addition to the trips there are many other items of great gear with starting prices of just 65% of retail. Click here to visit the auction's ebay page. New items are added each Monday.

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