Friday, January 02, 2009

You had us at Fat...

"Are we professionals? No. Do we have all the most badass stuff? No. Do we know all the tips and tricks? No. Do we drink too much? Maybe. But we do know we love fly fishing, the outdoors, and beer. Definitely beer."
Alex Landeen, Aaron Dennet, and Kyle Deenan make up this portly crew. Check out their recent post "Do you know these people?" and you will get a quick course in why we enjoy their blog so much. Definitely some guys we would hoist a brew with.
Sidebar links added even though doing so puts us in the category of "The Computer Angler" with a "..blogroll that is a novel."


Fat Guy Alex said...

Thanks for the add, dude. I will be in MD this coming summer for stripers, and I might have to swing down and take you up on hoisting some brews.... before I go over to Indiana to get drunk with Matt from fishbeer.

I feel 2009 will be a good year.

Murdock said...

Any time guys!