Friday, January 02, 2009

Alert: Ashey Arsenic Abounds...

The EPA Sampling results from sediment surrounding the Clinch River coal ash spill are starting to trickle in and the news is not good. Arsenic levels came in at well over 100 times the allowed limit.
If their latest update is any indication, this might come as a surprise to the TVA who operates the plant where the spill occurred. According to their website previous third party testing had indicated that arsenic was not a major issue in the ash.
"Total Arsenic results were slightly above the average naturally - occurring background soil concentration for Tennessee; however, total arsenic levels are below levels found in soils that are well fertilized. Also, the TCLP results for arsenic were significantly below the TCLP limits to be classified as a hazardous waste"

More information is available via the EPA website.

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