Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gift Guide 2008 - Capt. Gordon's Picks

Our saltwater pal to the East, Captain Gordon Churchill, dropped us a line with a some of his picks for the 2009 holiday gift guide. As usual Gordon is short, to the point, and has very good taste.

1. Waterproof Cell Phone- I went through 4 mobiles this past summer for any variety of reasons ranging from having to go swimming to get my boat when it came loose from the dock to just ending up in the washing machine. All my phone disasters are indeed water related. This Casio G'zOne Boulder Black/Silver Phone (Verizon Wireless) seems to be the slickest one out there and they say you can even wear it rock climbing! So that's pretty cool.

2. Lightweight Fast Drying Long Billed Ball Cap For Fishing (that actually will fit someone with a size 7 3/4 hat size) - All these "low profile" caps mean that none of them fit me. They sit on top of my head like a beanie. This hat may not actually exist. I have looked low and high.

3. Wading Shoe- The Patagonia Surf Sneaker looks pretty sweet. Has a boat shoe sole so you don't slip in the skiff while waiting for your quarry to appear and also is a little lighter than some of the other models I have tried in the past.

4. That Tarpon movie from the old days.
5. Sunglasses- Smith Optics sunglasses are what I have been wearing for the past couple years. The ones I am interested in now are the Interlocks with interchangeable lenses. This has extreme application for sight fishing. If you are having trouble picking up the fish due to weird light situations, try another color lens until you find the right one. No brainer really. Stay tuned for picks from Middle Tennessee Editor, Jay Moore and then my own "Editor's Choice" picks for 2009.

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Scott said...

I'm in the same boat regarding hats - anyone know of a hat for my cromagnum head?