Monday, December 08, 2008

Gift Guide 2008 - Capt. Paul Rose's Picks

It's time for the third annual edition of's annual gift guide. Our gift guide is a bit different than many you will find aound the net, in that we ask each of our contributing Editors to let us know what products have caught their eye during the the past year. We start this year's guide with picks from's carp guru and's Editor of rough fishing, Captain Paul Rose.

Captain Paul's first pick comes from the new line of Sage Bass Rods.

"These rods are designed to deliver large flies into tight corners. Great for new anglers to get started with.Loads on one false cast and can cast flies a mile. Good short stick for fighting saltwater species around structure. Great on windy days for reds.By far, the best new product I have gotten in years. Multiple clients all felt the same this guiding season. The sunset colors are a standout alone as well."

Paul's second pick is one is showing up under many of the FlyfishMagazine staff's Christmas trees this year, the Original Buff.

"Already quite popular with the staff but still worthy of another plug. I was introduced to them on a tarpon trip when I forgot my hat. The guide had extra buffs to wear and I now provide them in my skiff.Great for bike riding and skiing as well. Beats the bandana any day.

Third on Paul's list is the Ocean Fly Box from RGM Outdoors.

"My third choice for a great gift idea is the Ocean fly box. These fly boxes keep flies dry,organized and provide easy access. Eliminates the need for small boxes. Great from a drift boat,pontoon boat or a skiff. I have multiple boxes depending on the species I am after.Pick it up and go. Plus the boxes are a great place for fly fishing stickers. "

Finally, Paul breaks out his private stock for us to enjoy with some of his favorite reads.

This last gift is for the days we are not fishing or maybe back at the lodge or camp. It is more of a combo. First is Crown Royal,Cask 16 with three ice cubes and a lime wedge in a fat,short glass. A good read with sipping whiskey is required. Choices of this years titles include City of Thieves: A Novel,The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: A Novel (Oprah Book Club #62), Shadow Country (Modern Library). The last selection is by Matthiessen,an avid fly angler with the story centered in the Everglades,my favorite destination

Stay tuned for more gift guide picks all week long. Captain Gordon Churchill is up next. Expect to hear from him midweek as we will be taking a Monday night football break to take our Mom to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Carolina Panthers. Look for us on TV.

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