Thursday, September 25, 2008

NRS New Product: Gig Bob Frameless Personal Pontoon

If the whole blogger/writer/marketer thing doesn't work out for our pal Tom Chandler of The Trout Underground, perhaps he can farm out his services as a product model.

In this photo Tom is adeptly demonstrating a new personal pontoon boat from NRS. The interesting thing about the NRS "Gig Bob" (we have no idea why they call it that) is that it has no frame. The base is 100% inflatable (in the fashion of NRS's other raft products) and uses expandable strings in the pontoon portion of the craft to keep it very rigid. The whole package rolls up into a backpack and weighs around 50 lbs.

Word from NRS is that these have been tested on class 3 water so we are guessing that the pure buoyancy makes up for the lack of upturned pontoons. The MSRP will be somewhere around $1,600 to $1,700. It could also make a great substitute for that inflatable chair in your television room.

Tyler Harris with NRS fished our email out of his spambox (we hate when that happens) and sent us the specs on the "Gigg Bob."

NRS GigBob: MSRP $1595.00

* Material: 840 denier PVC coated Nylon
* Dimensions: * Over all: 8' L x 4' W x 17" T
* Deck: 6' 6" L x 3' 10" W
* Weight: 48 lbs
* Comes with: 7' 2-piece Carlisle Oars w/ sleeves and stoppers, oarlocks, springs w/ split rings, two Easy Access Tackle Bags and a Stripping Apron.
* Frameless design * Lots of tie-down points
* Fully adjustable seat with a pocket on the back We are currently taking orders for the GigBob.

The Boats will be available to ship in Early March, 2009.

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