Monday, September 22, 2008

The Gill Net Quandry: Part Two (More Nets, Problems)

Part two of the Rocky Mount Telegraph's five part series on the clash between commercial gill netters and recreational fishermen is out today and it points out a new player in the mix. The recreational commercial gill netter:

As Montgomery sees it, the problem with the weekend netter is that he is not doing it for a living.

“He is likely to set his net in the wrong place,” Montgomery said. “And if the weather gets bad, he’ll probably just check it tomorrow

There is even a quote from's, soon to be properly announced, Saltwater Editor - Gordon Churchill, about a proposal to require attendance of gill nets in Carolina waters:

“No matter who owns it or what type of license, this should not be allowed,” he said. “It results in dead fish that cannot be sold due to being rotten or are not the targeted species and are therefore wasted regardless of condition.”

Read the entire article here:

The Gill Net Quandry: Part One (The Issue) - Debatable Catch
The Gill Net Quandry: Part Two (More Nets, Problems)

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