Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rodless in New York

The next few days finds me near Middletown, NY and not far from places on the map with names like Willowemoc and Neversink. A full schedule of meetings and no travel rod means I'm at the mercy of the day job.

The Salmon news from Alaska isn't good as the Anchorage Daily News is reporting that state fish and game officials are tightening limits on red salmon.

The sockeye salmon management goal for the Kenai is 750,000 to 950,000 reds past the sonar by the time the run starts to end in mid-August. As of Sunday, less than 500,000 had made it past the sonar, even with Fish and Game's reduction in commercial fishing.

While you are there check out the pro-mining ad that is running in their sidebar.

Also in the news via The Great Falls Tribune is an 11 year old boy from Montana who ties flies and sells them at his local farmer's market. We applaud his industriousness however, if my own offspring were to spend a lot of time at the vise I might turn into the male equivalent of a "stage-mother".

My mom encourages me to tie five flies a day if I sell a lot," said Bernhardt, who's been selling about 30 flies a week during the summer. "Some take a long time, some take just a little bit."
Bernhardt has had to work hard to stay stocked up these days, since he's been selling his creations each week at the Farmers Market

New Tennessee state records for Gizzard Shad hit the books as Knoxnews.com reports two friends who take turns being the record holder.

"I hated to beat his record, so I let him file his paperwork so he could get his state record certificate," Hawk said. "That way he can always say he had the state record."

The fly fishing Illuminati (currently about 70 miles to our South) are finally taking a stand against men over the age of six wearing Crocs.


Pete said...

Any shot of coming down here to try and fish some saltwater? I know it's a hike but if you have a half-day or so.

Murdock said...

Thanks for the invite. Don't tempt me, If I could ditch these meetings I would. I still have to make the trip to Long Island at some point and that will put me much closer. However, this trip looks like a bust fishing wise.

Pete said...

Whether it's carp in Charlotte or stripers in NYC, we'll get it going one of these days.