Saturday, August 09, 2008

Gear: Dissolving Shaving Paper

The TSA's rules limiting the carrying on of liquids and gels have been "front of jet lagged mind" lately as I have been traveling quite a bit on business. I, like many travelers, prefer not to check my luggage if at all possible. I have no issue trading off the lugging of a bag through the terminal for the satisfaction of getting off the plane and to my destination as quickly as possible.
One issue when packing for carry on, has always been getting a small shaving cream into that quart sandwich bag allowed by the TSA. Recently I came across these dissolving shaving papers in a travel store and have used them on recent trips.
Simply add a small amount of water to 1-2 sheets of shaving soap and work up lather in your palm with your fingertips. Massage onto your skin and enjoy your usual shave.
While you won't get the amount of lather you Barbasol users are accustomed to, a couple of sheets (be sure to pull them from the box with your dry hand) will generate enough soapy goodness to get the job done.
If you are a hiker or backwoods angler for whom both grooming and weight are an issue, these sheets which come in shampoo, body wash, and shaving varieties might just come in handy.

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