Friday, August 08, 2008

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Via comes news of the next best thing to trout sausage.


kbarton10 said...

I can't help but flash on that TV commercial, "Dude, Nasty."

You'd better not forget this stuff in your vest, melting chocolate and oozing grease would make you a Bear magnet.

Murdock said...

So you are saying it's not a good idea to take this stuff along on my back country Alaska trip?

FoulHooked said...

" best thing..."

NEXT BEST THING!?! This blows trout sausage away! Ever had a PB&Bacon sandwich? Just imagine how good a fried PB&Chocolate Bacon sandwich would be! Amazing! I wonder if that's patented yet...

Seriously, I just cant wait for the poppables-version...choco-bacon-bits...perfect for ice-cream. The possiblities here are endless.

Murdock said...


Add some fluff to that sammie and I am in! Lowering my health insurance deductiable as we speak.