Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bristol Bay: Checking it out First Hand...

I'll be heading for Alaska this weekend to spend a few days at the Rainbow Point Lodge where I plan to do just as much fishing for Rainbow trout as the Editorial Trophy Wife will allow. One part of the trip I am excited about is getting a first hand look at the fishery that stands to suffer most at the hands of the forces behind the Pebble Gold Mine. If things go against those who are trying to protect the fishery such as the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska, this may turn out to be a true "once in a lifetime" trip. I am bring along a few gigs of digicam memory and an ample supply of Mini DV tapes in hopes of documenting what I find.
Don't expect much in the way of blogging while I am in the area. The laptop will be left behind in Carolina (my 70lb float plane allotment being taken up with more important things) and the crackberry should be well out of its operational range. I asked the proprietor about Internet access and he mentioned that they might be able to make something work with the satellite phone. I wisely told him not to worry about it.
By fortuitous coincidence we might even run into's Western Correspondent, Ali Hassan as he has rescheduled his "work" trip so that our paths might cross on Sunday night. He will be refining processes and trying to get his allotment of Silver Salmon. Me, I am looking for big bow's on mouse flies (however, eggs are more likely this time of year). The trophy wife wants to see glaciers, Moose, Elk, and Grizzly Bears. Hopefully all will be successful.
With all that said, Here is a dispatch we received from the American Fly Fishing Retailers Association that calls for action by Alaskans and concerned fly anglers.

AFFTA and the fly fishing industry are adamantly opposed to the development of The Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska. All Alaska residents need to stop this potential environmental boondoggle next week by voting YES on Ballot Measure #4. If you are not a resident of Alaska but you know someone who is, urge him or her to vote YES on Ballot Measure #4 on August 26.

Robert Kaplan with Alaskans for Clean Water asked AFFTA to forward the following information to all fly fishing enthusiasts

The mining industry has just dropped another $3.5 million into the campaign to defeat Ballot Measure #4. They have pulled out all the stops and are saying and doing whatever they can to defeat us. The result of this unprecedented onslaught of lies is that voter support for Ballot Measure #4 has started to slip.
If we are to stop the slide, and undertake additional efforts in the face of this unprecedented onslaught, then we now must raise money NOW to ensure we are competitive with our media and mail, and to turn out our voters on election day. Because our message is stronger, we still don't need to match the mining industry dollar-for dollar, we just need to remain competitive with our message. If we cannot do that, then we will lose the election. There are no limits on how much anyone can contribute and corporate contributions are acceptable. Contributions of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or more are urgently needed and would be greatly appreciated. Checks can be payable to "Alaskans For Clean Water" and sent via overnight mail to 1503 W. 31st Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska 99503. Contributions can also be made online at
The website also has updated information on the campaign, including several of our recent television commercials. Without a change of law by a vote of the people, change is slow... if it ever comes. In the fight to stop Pebble Mine, time is not on our side. Passage of Ballot Measure #4, creates the change we all


Pete said...

Good luck, Lee. For us East Coasters, we'll live a little vicariously through the once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Murdock said...

Thanks Pete. It should be an exciting trip. It better be or the wife will never let me hear the end of it.