Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Best Natural Disaster to Ruin A Fishing Trip..'s Western correspondent and resident Sultan of Slabs, Ali Hassan, wins this week's award for best natural disaster to cancel a fishing trip. Ali was scheduled to fly to one of our day job's Alaska locations for a "work trip." In addition to the grueling work related functions on his plate, he had managed to sneak in a recuperative salmon fishing excursion. However, the fates were against him as his flight was canceled due to no less than a volcanic eruption in the Aleutian Islands.
Alaska Airlines said it canceled 44 flights between the most northern U.S. state and domestic and Canadian destinations after ash from the Kasatochi Volcano in the western Aleutians drifted over the southeast Alaska panhandle and parts of western Canada.
Apparently volcanic ash is heck on jet engines. Ali's adventure unseats the previous record for largest natural disaster to disrupt a fishing trip which occurred when the crew had to flee Arkansas' White River just hours ahead of Hurricane Katrina.
Our own (non company funded) Alaska trip is set to leave the tarmac in 10 days. We are relieved to see the calamity getting out of the way early this time.
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Ali said...

I have requested for a virgin to be sacrificed prior to my next scheduled trip.

Murdock said...

good luck...