Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ready for a Pedicure by Carp?

It's all fun and games until someone loses a toe...
Today finds me doing the road warrior thing in Bristol, VA. So I was surprised to get an email from the "Editorial Trophy Wife" letting me in on the next big thing in spa treatments. Yvonne Hair Nail and Tan of Alexandria,Va is offering its customers a chance to soak their feet in a pool filled with very tiny, and most certainly hungry carp. The tiny carnivorous carp eat the dead skin and toe jam off the customer's feet leaving smooth freshly nibbled flesh where corns and callouses once found a home.
The idea of a pool of tiny (some would say invasive) fish spending their days acquiring a taste for human flesh makes me think that a disaster must surely be lurking around the corner. Let's say a few of the fish find their way into a local river and start to reproduce? Woe be unto the wet wading fly angler who finds themselves sharing a body of water with these tiny man eaters.
Of course given carps penchant for growth this could open up an entirely new type of trophy fishery. Anybody know the recipe for a pinkie toe fly?
Story via the Associated Press

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