Friday, July 25, 2008

Lazy / Busy Friday

I am still catching up from this week's trip to Bristol, VA so I haven't been able to post a lot in the last few days. One of the reasons I have been so busy is that my day job "required" that I take a team building float trip down the South Holston River (with free beer no less). Now that's my idea of a way to maximize corporate team spirit!

I'll have photos of the 40+ fish afternoon high water float in the very near future along with the result of a field test of Thingamabobber strike indicators. We caught lots of smallish rainbows and some bigger brown trout on nymphs and (after a big rainstorm came through) a hideous pink San Juan worm.

I also got a ringside seat as a brown trout that was at least 30 inches did the 40 yard dash an inch below the surface while trying to chase down an 8 inch rainbow for his supper. Awesome day on the river.

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