Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Food: Trout Sausage

Ok, so it isn't exactly trout bacon but it is probably the next best thing, trout sausage.

From Sunbursts' Kitchens comes a terrific idea to spice up a brunch or breakfast. Sunburst Trout Sausage Patties are a flavorful, healthful alternative to bacon and traditional sausage. A tray containing four 2 ounce patties will be a great addition to eggs, cooked potatoes, or a new wrinkle to Eggs Benedict

Available for purchase here in North Carolina or shipped directly to your door from the Sunburst Trout Company of Canton, NC. We are buttering our cat head biscuits as we type.


FoulHooked said...


Where do you get those biscuits, they sound delicious?


Murdock said...

it appears that trout sausage is not cheap. Cat head biscuits came from my Grandmother.

For our non-Southern readers no cats are harmed in the making of the Cat head biscuits - rather they get their name from their size, as big as a cats head.

FoulHooked said...

No cats? You had my hopes up.