Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Four Replacements for Tight Lines

Today I was writing an email to a fellow fly fisher and just before hitting the send button I found myself typing the familiar words, "Tight Lines." This got me to thinking that perhaps this over used closing of e-mails and forum postings could use a bit of revamping. It is for this reason that I offer, direct from the home office located in a chamber deep below the streets of Uptown Charlotte, four replacement phrases for "Tight Lines."

4. Empty Spools - Not to be used if your fly fishing friends are struggling to meet their financial obligations and thus lack backing.

3. Ragged Flies - chewed up flies being the result of a successful day on the water. Careful with this one if your angling pals frequent gentlemen's establishments as it could have an entirely different meaning.

2. Smelly hands - the scent of fish indicating many trout brought to hand. Warnings associated with number three above also apply here.

1. Dirty Cork - Meaning that your fly rods have all seen many days of action thus causing their cork handles to be dirtied. Not to be used if you regularly email Irish anglers as they will probably take it the wrong way. Warnings associated with number three above also apply.

Feel free to add your own submissions to the list via the comments.

Soggy Base Layers,

The Editor

***Update: The one guy who could get us to take a trans-Atlantic flight to fish with, Alistair from The Urban Fly Fisher, weighs in on this one with some replacements of his own.


Anonymous said...

How about "Hope you're not around to read this."

Who wouldn't rather their friends were out fishing instead of emailing?

Murdock said...

being stuck in the office with pretty much no chance of getting out this week, I can certainly relate! Maybe some day I can ditch the corporate chains...

Anonymous said...

What about iced guides. I believe it was 27 degrees that day.