Thursday, June 05, 2008

BRFFA: Original Gangsta Fly Fishers

From the early days of the net, some of the old school fly anglers of the Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Association.
Right to left - Jeff Paisley, Brad Hincher, Me -sans goatee and rocking the trucker hat, Russel Ashburn, Dad, and Mitch who's last name escapes me but who I recall is a heck of a guy.

More photos reside here. The pictures were small and the scanner was expensive.


Paislarx said...

The good old days. We need to get back to fishing like we used to.

mark said...
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Murdock said...

Good to see our tailwater guru checking in. Maybe a BRFFA reunion tour is in order? See who all you can round up and lets give it a shot.