Sunday, June 01, 2008

Blobs...Steroids for Fly Anglers?

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When our NC Fly Fishing Team goes up against some of the UK's finest anglers they might want to check their fly boxes for "Blobs." According to an article in the Telegraph the blob shaped flies, which look nothing like natural insect life are so effective that traditional nymph fishers are crying foul.

Traditionalists claim that the brightly coloured "blob" trout lure is unsporting and should be banned. They accuse its users of adopting aggressive tactics, with the new breed of fishermen described as "yobs with blobs".
The highly effective, ball-shaped blobs, made from various fibres, promote an aggressive, chasing reaction from trout when pulled quickly through the water. Unlike traditional flies, such as "nymphs" or "daddy-longlegs", they do not resemble a living insect.
Purists argue that blobs, which are permitted in major contests, give an unfair advantage over conventional methods and make trout fishing too easy. England fly-fishing champion Chris Ogborne was so opposed to them that he left the England team, and says he has received hundreds of letters of support.

Here is a link to a video where a still water nymph fisher takes a thrashing from the blobber lobber.

We are a few hours late posting this one so check out posts from Tom at the Trout Underground and New Zealand's Tony Bishop of Bish on Fish about blobber fishing.

How is this any different than drifting a Y2k bug on Arkansas' White River?

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