Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There are some bigger ones out there...

The Raleigh News and Observer reminds us that there are some striper in the Roanoke River that are much bigger than the ones I caught on this year's trip. Much bigger... A Raleigh man recently landed a 42.9 pounder on 17 pound tippet.
Thomas said that big stripers are a relatively new phenomenon on the river, and he captured the first 40-pounder during a sampling trip to collect data in 2002.
Only 10 stripers (also called rockfish) have broken the 40-pound barrier this year -- out of more than 5,000 his crew has sampled.

The fish are travelers, too. He said that he has had tags from Roanoke River stripers returned from as far away as Long Island, N.Y.
The above statement being one of which we have seen recent pictorial evidence.

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Pete said...

We saw some fish that big laying up in the shallows, but they didn't want to eat.