Monday, May 12, 2008

McDonald Interviews Carp Master John Montana

You may or may not know that Pete McDonald of Fishing Jones infamy is probably the one person we would point to as the inspiration for our penchant to fling flies for odd targets living in odd places. Pete put us on Peacock Bass in Florida ditches and enticed us to attempt a bowfin on the fly on our latest striper trip.
In what can only go a long way towards proving an unseen collective fly fishing consciousness driving the efforts of anglers across the world, while we were hopelessly trying for carp on the fly, Pete was interviewing John Montana from the Carp on the Fly blog (sidebar links added) about tips and techniques for catching carp on the long rod. Read Pete's excellent interview via this link.

1 comment:

Pete said...

The guy in that photo might be the hansomest fly fisher of all time.

John really does provide some great answers and deserves all the credit for that post.

I haven't been down to FL since March so my peacock/snakehead/bowfin attempts haven't materialized. If I plug into some carp nearby, though, all is lost.