Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spousal Conversion: Only a matter of time?

It is only a matter of time before the high end fly rod manufacturers take a cue from the recreational boating industry and offer an online course in convincing the significant other that you really do need that new fly rod.

From the "7 days to boat ownership" section at's Spousal Conversion Kit:

Day 3

Plan for your dinner date with friends to be close to a boat dealership. Make sure that you pass the dealership both on the way to dinner and going home. On the way to dinner, subtly point out the dealership and the beautiful boats on display.

During dinner, make sure your friend brings up the boating topic so you don't sound like a broken record and your S.O. does not catch on to your ulterior motives.

After dinner, drive by the boat dealership again and casually suggest that the two of you make an appointment to see what types of boats they offer (leave message at dealership immediately when you get home).

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