Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sister Carol's Grass Carp Fly

Psycho T. and my home state UNC Tarheel's Basketball team will be meeting up with the Kansas Jayhawks in San Antonio this Saturday. In the spirit of good will (before we unleash our big man in the middle on them) I have been taking a look at a few of the Kansas fly fishing sites. I found this excellent "Sister Carol's Grass Carp Fly" on the Free State Fly Fishers site.
Free State Fly Fishers is a Lawrence, KS based club dedicated to promoting the sport of fly fishing in Northeast Kansas through education, conservation and community service. Formed in August 2005, Free State Fly Fishers is an affiliate club of Federation of Fly Fishers operating as a 501c-3 corporation under FFF's charter club program. Our FFF club number is K99784.
Membership in the Federation of Fly Fishers is required to belong Free State Fly Fishers. At this time, we don't have any local club dues.
We meet monthly at Conroy's Public House, 3115 W. 6th in Lawrence, KS
Oh and we apologize for that whole Roy Williams deal but it was one of those things that just couldn't be stopped.
**Update** Unverified sources report that in the moments just before the NCAA Semi-finals the entire UNC basketball team was replaced by a group of homeless Texans. We are sure at some point the real team will be found locked in a closet or something. This is the only explanation we can muster at that this time. However, congrats go out to the Kansas Jayhawks for the A$$ whooping they put on the heels. We are dumbfounded but still major Tarheel fans.


Pete said...

Grass carp live in a lot of the canals I fish in Florida. They were put there to clean up the canal systems so you have to release them immediately, but I've always wanted to try catching them. Cool fly.

Murdock said...


I was thinking golf course ponds around here myself.

I think i have seen the material they are tied with (boa?) in some fabric stores. I don't think it will be too hard to find. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of carp slab!