Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Trout Zone - David Knapp

We were surfing the Internet recently when we came across The Trout Zone blog by Crossville, Tennessee fly fisher David Knapp. David fishes some of the same waters as FlyFishMagazine's own middle Tennessee Editor - Jay Moore. Undoubtedly David is that "only other guy catching fish" that we hear about in many of Jay's reports.
We knew that David was our kind of people when we read this post on his blog:
"For as long as I've been fishing nymphs, I pinch on my weight by using the good old set of chompers in my mouth. There was always the vague unease created by knowing that something bad could result, but I always shrugged it off and gnawed on yet another split shot. Yesterday, the routine was rudely interrupted (and just after I had caught a nice 13 inch brown no less) by a frightening crunching noise coming from somewhere under my nose and above my chin. I didn't feel any pain though and began to think that my teeth were so powerful that they had shredded the small split shot. When I examined the weight and saw that it was in perfect condition, the light came on and I was horrified to feel rough edges on a formerly perfect tooth. Subdued, I managed to pinch on the weight with my pliers and continued fishing."
Like we said, he's our kind of people. Sidebar links added.

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David Knapp said...

Thanks for the kind words! I'll be looking forward to news from Jay on my home river whenever I'm away at school and unable to fish it (too much of the time if you ask me). Keep up the great work here! Looking forward to reading more...