Monday, November 05, 2007

South Florida Ditch Fishing

On my recent business trip to South Florida I finally got to make use of the 5 weight travel rod by spending a few minutes at a super secret South Florida urban fishing hole.

It took a few minutes and several missed fish before I got the retrieve just right, but finally I managed a hook up.

My first Peacock bass on the fly.

Me catching hell from some locals who couldn't understand why I was getting my picture made with a such a small fish in front of a drug store. Being dressed business casual while wearing my Reel Pure hat and field testing Panoptx polarized glasses only made matters worse.

Due to a tight schedule I was only able fish for about 20 minutes before it was off to the airport for the flight back to the Carolinas. During that time I caught my first three peacock bass on the fly. I was pretty amazed at how hard they hit the clouser I was fishing. If I wouldn't have had a hard time explaining missing my plane, I would have loved to try some top water poppers on these super aggressive little fish.

Photos: Mark Whitaker
Local Knowledge: The blogger who shall remain nameless.

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