Monday, November 05, 2007

As if one were not enough...

Don't you just hate it when you are about to go out on a fly fishing excersion from your super yacht and you realize that that scamp of a teenager of yours has taken the Bell 407 Chopper without asking? Well never fear, the Nomad of the Seas Extreme Fly Fishing Program has added a 2nd Bell 407 so there will be plenty of remote stream access for the entire family. Just be sure you purchase plenty of carbon offsets.
Nomads of the Seas extreme fly fishing program is adding a few surprises for its second season. Among them are new air – water transportation equipments that will enhance the casting experience.Nomads is on the verge of acquiring a brand new helicopter that will second our existing Bell 407. The aircraft will add more flight hours to the fly fishing program and will allow adventurers to reach deep into Patagonian lands where they will be able to catch immaculate and vigorous trouts.
Afraid of flying? Maybe you should stick to drift boats. The just bought another one to bring their total to a paltry 36.
This sounds like the ideal place to host our annual Fly Fishing Blogger "On Water" Symposium.

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